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In order to implement its long-term strategy PK Vesta uses innovative patented web-based WebSteel online system developed by its own engineers and web programmers. It is a fusion of some of the greatest modern programming and engineering Russian and international minds. WebSteel allows all clients to create varying designs of pre-fabricated steel buildings online, view a real-time 3D rendering and receive a set of basic drawings and sketches via PDF.

The online plaform is licensed by PK Vesta and offered worldwide for public use at absolutely no costs (originally released in 2010). The integrated platform unites the main plants in Russia and abroad based on the on-time manufacturing approach.

Now it is the only online solid modeling quote system for steel buildings acctively promoted in Russia and CIS, including the potential international construction markets (South America, Africa, Asia and Middle East) The basic idea behind the new development is that WebSteel performs the same functions as a traditional CAD program without processing overhead. All serialized requests are handled remotely by the powerful remote cluster systems located on the different servers in Russia and overseas.

Advantages of WebSteel online system:

- Instant pricing of varying designs of steel buildings. WebSteel is accessible to all erional and international clients 24/7. Normally it takes not more than 10 minutes to get an instant online price for the whole building kit (steel framing, secondary framing, enclosure structures, doors, gates, windows, canopies, parapets, ext) The integrated online system WebSteel considers basic construction norms and building codes (Russian and foreign Construction Norms and Regulations with the following conversion) and minimizes a steel building specific quantity of metal in real time via Internet.
- Exciting creative designing online process. A 3D rendering feature greatly simplifies the project designing negotiations and later approval of steel buildings before order-by dates in local or international government agencies. One of the main features is «cultural design cliché». With the help of this option, a client can choose an individual architectural style or «architectural motif» of different countries. That way, a steel building will remind a client of the cultural characteristics of another country (history, architecture, culture, people, ext) The «cultural cliché» gives anyone a powerful tool for the most effective steel building customization.
- FREE set of online documents. New ACTIVE IMAGINATION business model enables a client to make an unlimited number of modifications in the online quotes for both individual and modular pre-fabricated steel buildings. Now all clients instantly receive the FREE online documents (Quotation, Technical Specification, Invoice and Contract) in PDF format and toll-free basic drawings (3D and 2D facades with factory-located framed openings)
- Automatic generation of shop drawings. WebSteel helps PK Vesta produce shop drawings based on the real-time calculations in WebSteel. After the order placement, all drawings (steel framing, facades, base) are uploaded to the personal online account of a client.

In terms of its innovative novelty and scale of customer service, WebSteel system usage in the construction markets worldwide can be easily compared to well–known similar business models in other industries. They are Facebook in the market of social networks, Amazon in the market of online retail sales, Apple IPhone in the market of smart phones and electronic gadgets or Ebay in the market of online auctions. Pk VEsta invites everybody to become the member in the fastest growing international community of the innovative WebSteel project.